You are not to sleep in this room.

A fish bone has stuck in my throat.

Randal is alone with Douglas.

We should try to convince Ginny to stay with us for a few days.

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Take some aspirin.


"Do you know the secret handshake?" "What secret handshake?"


They left the house after the fire.

This city may be a little run-down, but the people living here are all kind, and will welcome anyone with open arms.

This depends on you.

What do you think of Boston?

It looks like Clarence is getting tired.

I think we're on the right track.

It is impossible to burn a copy of Dante's Inferno because the ice of the ninth layer of hell will put out any fires kindled with earlier pages.

"If you stop loving the robot, it will take its revenge upon you" "That robot will--" "Yes" " What type of revenge?" "It will kill you"

I want to be a lawyer.

I was in a few of the pictures.

We're not a party!

I would like to know how you will proceed in this matter.

Who got murdered?

Rainer drank the white wine Anatoly poured for him.

Rudolph is a very interesting man.


Do you really want to do that?


There's been a steady stream of cars on the highway all day.

She was depressed by all her problems.

The railroad workers are going on strike tomorrow.

Before they grasp what is happening to them, the police will arrest them.

It'll wear off soon.

I wish Jesper would help me weed the garden.

He is most likely to succeed.


What's the fastest way to get to Boston?

I support you a hundred percent.

Would you like to go and get a bite to eat?


Meehan and Dion bought a small ranch outside Boston.

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In the absence of firm evidence the prisoner was set free.

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Sometimes I don't quite get what comes over you. I wish I knew that!

She was hostile to any attempts at rapprochement.

The sun was bright.

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She heard a noise.


He is superior to me in many respects.

Sylvan's tipsy.

The window is closed.


Your spirit has fallen into the hell.

We have a good reason for doing this.

Norbert must be somewhere near retirement age.

I was proud of you.

I'll buy you a drink.

The letters q, w and x exist in English.

I didn't like you at first.

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Studying the surface features of Mars is still referred to as "geography."

We can't get close to the enemy.

You should've stayed with him.

Marvin was carrying his snowboard under his arm.

I take sides with you.

I love my life.

Why can't we just take a cab?

Let's sit here for a while.

It doesn't make sense to criticize someone for doing something that we would do if we were in their place.

We must create a safe environment for our children.

My tooth is giving me unbelievable pain.

It was him who got rid of me.

Long ago, people used to travel on foot.

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How much damage was done?


Mariou knows what's going to happen.


Are you angry at what I said?

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You didn't tell them what you wrote in that article.


How are things at the office?

Vincenzo didn't like Irwin very much.

You're just scared.

He has a few friends in this town.

Keep them busy.


I know I'll be able to do it.

Craig usually wears glasses.

I am constantly forgetting names.

Tessa is a good violinist.

Clem got here on time.

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The wall separating criminals from non-criminals is not as thick as we think.

The exam is difficult.

Would you please reserve a room near the Toronto international Airport?


Barbara offered to help us do that.

Who will go get the pide?

They drive on the left in England.


She bought (it).

Emma likes the way Norman makes potato salad.

They always complain.

What's the weather forecast for tomorrow?

Your camera is not as excellent as my camera.

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The power is out.

Right and wrong are two faces of the same coin. Whoever has the power decides which face gets what inscription.

Has he returned yet?

Can you e-mail it?

Are you implying something?

The man is well-known all over the village.

It might not happen now.

It is ten years since I came to Tokyo.

Where there's a body, you'll find vultures.


Joseph is thirteen.

Vicki had to wait for Stephan for about three hours.

Participation in a strike does not entitle the employer to terminate the employee's contract of employment.


Changing the system is difficult, not to mention the interpersonal relationships.

I'm engaged to Laurie.

The coach called off the game because many of the players were down with the flu.

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We hoped for a miracle.

But now, nothing is left for me.

It won't be much longer now.

Try to act your age.

We need to be more like Gene.

You've been demoted.

We yawn when we are short of oxygen.

Radek put in the hard yards to stay fit during the off season.

Her excitement nearly bubbled over.

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I had to wait for Leo's reply for a long time, but it was worth it.

I'll let you spend the night with me.

However, you have to queue...


My leaving early made them feel sorry.

There are two sides to every story.

I should never have let her go.

You write like a panty!

He must succeed to his father's business.

My policy is, you pay full price, you get full service.

I want you to know something.


It's healthy to be mad.

Looks like I made a lot of mistakes.

Don't write on the books stored in library

She wears the same kinds of clothes as her sister.

I didn't ask her to come back.


"Lucifer has gotten me to do some pretty tedious work." "Again?"

The mere sight of the doctor made my cousin afraid.

He's a teacher and so am I.

Drop by any time you are in town.

Should I have asked your permission?

Can't they speak Italian?

You're just being ridiculous.


Please disregard this notice if your shipment has already been made.

I heard a song called "Apologize" on the radio.

William put the ring on Belinda's finger.

His parents live in the main county town.

He saved a child from drowning in a pond.

I can understand everything she's saying.

Mah is the father.


My brother isn't home.


A group of children is playing downstairs.

My father is to go to London on business.

It was a mistake on their part.

He put a crown on the king's head.

Thanks, you have no idea how much this means to me.

It was like a fairy tale.

I could kill you.

She became drowsy after supper.

This is not war.


He came a little after noon.

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Special forces are used for special purposes.

Here's the plan.

I could die of fright.

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The only sure thing is death.

Lar forgot to call Max yesterday evening.

Only uninformed people think that language is used only to communicate. Language is also a way of thinking, a way of seeing the world, a culture.

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Would you please send the remaining five units right away?

Did Floyd say anything else about me?

You missed your ten o'clock appointment.

I'm not determined enough to confess my feelings to her.

I am always leaving my umbrella on the train.

Class is from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Jill thought that Lucius didn't understand French.